Manufacturers of sustainable precast concrete infrastructure

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We at Utility Structures offer specialized services to the electrical industry. Our extensive and diverse line of concrete poles, underground structures and traffic security barriers allows us to meet the varying needs of a variety of customers. Given our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, highly qualified staff and decades of experience in the field, we've proven our capability to handle any job.


Utility Structures manufactures a comprehensive line of concrete poles and related products covering the entire spectrum of outdoor lighting and hydro distribution. We engineer every single one of our products to meet exacting performance standards – and they're built to last. We manufacturer the only Vibra-spun™ pole in the industry. This trademark process involves introducing frequency vibration into the spinning process. This results in a denser, more durable pole, with a finish that is unsurpassed in the industry.


The prime focus of Utility Structures has always been to manufacture the highest quality product possible and offer it to our customers at the most competitive price. To underscore this commitment, we offer a full 10-year limited warranty on our product.

In addition, we're also committed to offering environmentally friendly products through clean, efficient technology and earth-friendly raw materials. The end result is a superior product with exceptional performance and life span – and service second to none.